January Newsletter

Stella’s Garden Centre

Does your child love to be in nature? Why not spend the afternoon walking through the aisles of fresh flowers at Stella’s Garden Centre, this January? Located in the heart of Zebbug, the garden centre will make the perfect afternoon outing for you and your family. The Zebbug area is also wonderfully quaint and features a number of eateries for you to explore if you’re keen to have a bite or a hot cuppa’ after your garden adventure.

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Rainy day? No problem. Keep the kids entertained with the many (indoor) exhibits at Esplora, Kalkara. The interactive science centre is suitable for children and adults of all ages, and even caters to neurodivergent children by offering ‘Autism–friendly’ hours, where light and sound settings will be adjusted to allow ‘neurodiverse children and adults to explore Esplora in a peaceful atmosphere.’ There’s even a multisensory room for babies!

More information about Autism-friendly hours below:



Malta National Aquarium

There is nothing quite as magical as submerging yourself into the underwater world of marine life. If your little ones are only just learning about the sea, this will also make a great educational trip. And who knows? You parents might learn a thing or two as well!


Playmobil Malta

While Malta isn’t exactly known for its large theme parks, Playmobil Malta is a perfectly (modestly sized) fun park boasting both indoor and outdoor areas that will undoubtedly amuse your little ones for a few hours. With an outdoor pirate playground, a fully decked out indoor area, and even a Playmobil shop to explore, the park makes an ideal weekend outing for young families.


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