Dr Joanna Delia is a medical-aesthetic specialist based at People and Skin in Sliema. The clinic offers a wide range of treatments including botox treatment, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, chemical peels, mesotherapy, and more. At the heart of Dr Joanna’s approach is thorough consultation before anything is done and then free follow up to review the success of the treatment. Doing so, she very particularly identifies her patients’ needs and can address them in a wonderfully subtle and natural way. Read on to hear her advice on all things tweakment…

1. If someone has never had any kind of medical beauty treatment before, what would be the best thing to try first in order to feel fresher-faced and more youthful?

I think we all got an extra wrinkle or two over this extended time with our children! COVID restrictions have removed some of our distractions and a little bit of extra anxiety was always present.

My world deals with listening to people who believe the time has come to deal with little issues which annoy them when they look in the mirror. The little concerns which they believe are making them look constantly tired, even when they are adequately rested, or which make them look stern or older than they are. The tiny lines which started to show that their youth is flying by too soon. Individuality is key when treating a face and so the first issue presented to us doctors depends on the client’s very unique concerns.

Med-aesthetic treatments are there to maintain, restore, and/or enhance a person’s features but, most importantly, they enhance their confidence. The biggest fear a lot of clients have is that they worry the change will be too dramatic and that they will not recognise themselves or that they will feel too different. However the secret of our work is that, when it is done by the right professional, a little change can go a long way without in any way altering the recognisability of the patient. What we strive for is that, after doing a treatment, one might receive comments about how rested one looks because friends and family will not be able to pinpoint exactly what one has had done. The secret lies in making sure a harmonious balance between that individual’s features is created and the skin gets back what we believe it deserves. Therefore to define which treatment can make a client look more youthful I would have to say that it depends solely on individual needs.

For some, fixing the frown line with a little Botulinum Toxin can do the trick and help that person look less angry and tired; for another, it might be done with the help of a chemical peel which leaves the skin more radiant because it refreshes the skin. For yet another person, doing an under eye filler might be their beauty secret to a more youthful appearance.

In conclusion, it is always the client who expresses their concerns during a proper consultation and that is why having one is very important prior to any treatment. In this way we try to ensure expectations are met and that the client is satisfied.

2. What is important to look for when finding a med-aesthetic clinic?

It is crucial for anyone interested in doing any med-aesthetic treatments like Fillers to find a clinic who has doctors who perform the treatment. No one except for doctors has a license to inject a person. Always do your research beforehand.

Secondly, when a doctor uses the right products which are licensed in Europe and even FDA-approved, there is even more peace of mind. Safety is of the utmost importance, especially when we are dealing mostly with faces.

Finally, it is always very important to get as much information about the product or treatment that one will be doing as possible. It is imperative to feel you can trust the doctor and always keep a discerning eye on the information that is given. Make sure to discuss any concerns with the doctor during a thorough consultation to avoid any disappointments and to know exactly what to expect.

3. What are the most popular treatments you offer and why are they so loved?

Botulinum toxin treatments to relax deep lines and wrinkles in the upper part of the face is the most requested treatment. You can see a person seeming to walk taller with a more radiant smile after one week when we see them again for a follow up. Their smile is a little wider and their eyes sparkle.

Another treatment that most probably most of you already know well is laser hair removal. The most common comment we hear after the first session is on the lines of ‘why have I not done this before!’. Laser hair removal gives so much peace of mind, and soft and hairless skin is pretty awesome when the treatment is done by the right professional with the right equipment.

4. Outside the treatments you offer at your clinic, what do you recommend women do to ensure that their face looks the best it can?

The most important rule is to make sure one drinks plenty of water. I always tell my clients this is the cheapest treatment and least painful thing you can do for your skin! Moisture comes from within, and no moisturiser is as effective as actually drinking water.

Secondly a good facial treatment is always good. Cleaning up the pores and blackhead extractions are needed to make your skin look and feel cleaner and better.
A good home skin care regime containing the right ingredients is paramount.

5. What will be your long-standing memories of 2020?

2020 has been a very particular year due to the COVID lockdown. Having to spend a couple of months at home and not at the clinic has definitely reignited my passion towards my work. I had missed the energy people give me and, in return, I felt I had more energy to go back and make people feel good and give them back the confidence they are lacking and which they deserve.

Returning back to work after we were closed down came with so much excitement – it almost felt as if it was our first day open. My team and I truly love what we do – what can make one more satisfied than when one has the ability to make other people happy!

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Dr Joanna Delia

Dr Joanna Delia studied at the University of Malta’s Medical School, becoming a doctor of medicine and surgery in mid-2004. She later obtained qualifications in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dermatological treatments.

In 2015, Dr Delia opened People and Skin in Sliema, and she balances the management of this exclusive and very successful clinic with a busy family life.