If you are needing to find extra help for or advice about your child’s learning, read on for Mini Malta’s recommendations for education specialists based in Malta.


A multidisciplinary team with specialists who can help with a range of mental health and developmental delay concerns. The TAASC team will carry out assessments, provide intervention, manage group sessions (COVID regulations allowing) and can also work online. SALTs, Veronica Montanaro and Michelle Mifsud, and dyslexia specialist, Mariella Attard, come highly recommended by the Mini Malta team. A one-stop shop for your child’s additional needs.

Email: info@taascmalta.com

Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TAASCmalta

Clinics are very central in B’Kara

Juan Camilleri – Educational Psychologist

Renowned for his empathy and kindness, Juan Camilleri is a highly regarded Educational Psychologist based in Malta. If you need your child evaluated by an Educational Psychologist before deciding on what further intervention is required, he comes highly recommended.

Tel: 79442233

Learning360⁰ Foundation

Learning360⁰ Foundation is an excellent place to go for holistic educational services across a range of learning challenges and differences. Their team of specialists is there to provide support, coaching, training and mentoring for students, educators, parents and professionals. They provide help for children of all ages and coordinate with schools in order to ensure cohesive support. We came across them via their early intervention specialist, Francesca Diacono, who is incredibly knowledgable and helpful. An excellent place to go for caring and expert help and advice.