Finding your perfect property – whether you are buying or renting – can be a stressful process, especially if it is in a country which is new to you. What is apparent on arriving in Malta is that there is no shortage of property agents on the island. Almost everywhere you look, there is a sales or letting agency office, and Facebook groups are inundated with private ads for available properties. Here, Mini Malta has taken some of the guesswork out of this for you with a round-up of our four best property companies. These four have been recommended to us by you for offering fair and friendly advice on the Maltese property market, along with a little something extra which sets them apart. Read on to find the perfect starting point in your search for a happy home in Malta…

RE/MAX Malta

RE/MAX is very likely to be one of the very first property agencies that you come across in Malta, and this ubiquity is for very good reason. They are a huge company with a large presence in almost every part of the island, and are also part of the behemoth which is RE/MAX worldwide. To this end, their staff enjoy outstanding, world-class RE/MAX training and access to the very best technology to support property search. Not only that, but they represent a huge range of properties in Malta and Gozo. Whether you are looking for small studio apartment in an out-of-the-way corner of the island, or a multi-million-euro villa in the chicest neighbourhood, RE/MAX will have it on their books. Pro tip – have a good read of their blog as there is a treasure trove of useful articles there which will have you feeling like a property expert in no time. 

Belair Property

Belair have many strengths to offer you as your property agent but, without doubt, the greatest of these is their friendliness and care. A family-run business, it is very clear from the moment you meet them that you are dealing with a happy team of property experts who want to go out of their way to ensure that you are happy too. It is this personal care which has won Belair a legion of expat clients, with huge volumes of returning business. Their lettings office in St Julian’s is right in the heart of Spinola Bay and they know every nook and cranny of the most popular expat areas of the island. With access to a huge range of properties and with an easy-to-use website, you are guaranteed to find your perfect home with Belair…and to still be smiling at the end of the search!

Frank Salt

Frank Salt has been at the forefront of the Maltese property market for over fifty years. Without a doubt, the insight and expertise that comes with such a longstanding presence on the island means that there really is nothing they don’t know about buying and renting in Malta. The Frank Salt website is particularly user-friendly and kept very up-to-date, so searching online is a pleasure rather than a frustrating chore. The size and scope of Frank Salt means that, no matter what your brief is, they will have expert advice to offer. Indeed, it is well worth looking at the ‘Relocating to Malta’ section on their homepage for some really fantastic information about life and house-hunting on the island.


Dhalia is the largest privately-owned property agency in Malta, and offers some 17 offices across the Maltese islands with over 30,000 properties on their database. Although sizeable, Dhalia prides themselves on their friendly yet professional approach to property hunting, and Mini Malta readers agree that they take the stress out of searching for a home. Their website is clear and easy to use, and it is very much worth reading their ‘Sales Guide’ if you are looking to buy rather than rent. A safe pair of hands with widespread presence across Malta, Dhalia is well worth talking to about your property requirements.