7 Irresistible Recipes for Your Leftover Oranges

Stuck at home with a kilo of oranges but no recipe inspiration? No worries, we’ve got you covered!

Orange juice

It’s an obvious one, but still worth the mention! Juice out those oranges for fresh home-made orange juice. It takes a little work, but it’s so much tastier than store bought juice!

Mulled wine

Our favourite drink of the season can get a whole lot tastier by sprucing it up with some zesty orange. Check out this recipe for a delicious mulled treat!


What better way to use your oranges than making marmalade? Paddington’s favourite will definitely be loved by the little ones. This local blogger has the best recipe for homemade marmalade. For the daredevils, try adding marmalade to your grilled cheese. You might just love it!

Sicilian orange cake

Our neighbour island definitely knows what to do with leftover oranges. This delicious dessert is super fruity, and the refreshing scent will spread around the house before you know it. Use your fresh oranges to make this Sicilian orange cake. It’s been tried, tested, and tasty!

Winter salad

For a quick and healthy dinner, orange goes great in a winter salad. Super easy to make after a long day, and full of flavour. Here’s a great (vegan) recipe to get you started!

Orange and rosemary chicken

For a high-protein, low-carb dinner, you can even add orange to a chicken dish. This is a great recipe for chicken with that special burst of flavour.